Backup Power

Let J. Bathe help protect your family from the dangers and inconveniences of prolonged power outages. While most Americans are familiar with the frequent, short-term outages caused by severe weather, did you know…

  • The average U.S. household will experience a prolonged power outage of at least nine hours each year.
  • These prolonged outages are expected to become more severe due the aging infrastructure of America’s power grid.

J. Bathe Electric Co. is certified to install more than one dozen models of home standby generators that will quietly protect your home and family with an immediate, automatic, reliable response to power failure. They range from seven kilowatt units to keep the lights and furnace on for a small bungalow and 75 kilowatt unit to power everything, including computers, security systems and air conditioning in homes as large as 20,000-plus square feet.

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Residential Services

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